• Image of A Pocket Guide to North American Ghosts by Joe Kapitan

"Joe Kapitan fills these short pieces with myth, architecture, fairy tale, hope love, loss, and the spaces in between these states of longing. He fills them up with so much poetry--yet grounds them so neatly, stakes them down, really--that they don't float away like you might expect. These are weighty dreams--heavy ghosts, indeed."

~ Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies

About the Author: Joe Kapitan is an architect-turning-writer from northern Ohio. He lives with his wife and two children in a brick house surrounded by pines, a day’s march south of Cleveland. With the authorization of no one, he began writing short fiction in 2009 during lunch hours at work. Since then, over fifty of his pieces have been published, both online (Smokelong Quarterly, Wigleaf, [PANK], elimae, Emprise Review and others) and in print (The Cincinnati Review, A cappella Zoo, Bluestem and Midwestern Gothic). Joe’s short story “War Crumbs” recently appeared in the anthology BESTIARY: The Best of the Inaugural Demi-Decade of A Cappella Zoo. A Pocket Guide to North American Ghosts is his first published collection.